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“If the Sex Pistols and Oasis had a lovechild that was raised by The Jesus and Mary Chain, that little bastard would be AciD” says John Pfeiffer from The Aquarian Weekly. He’s right. With a twisted sense of humor and a keen sense of pop song writing that isn’t the predictable formula, AciD delivers both live and on record. AciD resides in its own musical universe created when both past and present rock worlds collide, releasing a fury of short and fun rock bursts that keep audiences listening and coming back for more.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Formed in 2012 in Asbury Park, New Jersey, AciD is about to release their third record entitled The In Part Of The Out Crowd on Main Man Records. The trio consists of singer/guitarist/writer Bobby Kennedy, bassist Johnny Firestone and drummer Benjamin Clapp. Bobby has played guitar with David Johansen of the New York Dolls and Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators, as well as done studio work with the Damned and Captain Sensible and has his own TV and movie music licensing business. Johnny played with Neil Halstead of Slowdive, Walter Shriefels of Quicksand, and Crystal Castles, and is an accomplished keyboardist. Benjamin has toured with Skeleton Key and Beach Slang and also plays bass and trombone. It is these diverse backgrounds, influences, and experiences that make AciD the focused rock machine that it is.


With their Mod suits, psychedelic projections, and super catchy, tight songs that sit somewhere between alt retro rock and British punk, AciD is a sight and sound to behold live. Bobby’s sick yet clever lyrics are mere icing atop the locomotive force the band unleashes to its fans. A real force on local radio here in New Jersey as well, AciD are in regular rotation on 90.5 The Night, 95.9 The Rat and WFMU. Hard enough for metal crowds and cool enough for the hipsters, AciD fits right in on any playlist or any live bill. AciD’s songs were featured prominently throughout the critically acclaimed 2016 film Let Me Down Hard as well as in several TV shows over the past couple of years.  

                                                                                                                                                                AciD has a renewed buzz around them as well as within the band itself due to the excitement

over the release of The In Part Of The Out Crowd this fall. They have shot a video for Corrupt, the first single from the record, which is being distributed worldwide through the MVD Entertainment Group. Hopefully Corrupt is the first of many singles as it is full of possible hits such as the overly simplified life lesson of Get Down, to the condescending love/hate letter that is Crawling, to the ultra infectious Never On My Mind which is self-explanatory. AciD hopes to reach a wider audience with this cohesive collection of future classics and are fully prepared to help make that happen this fall and beyond.                                                                                             DROP THE NEW ACID NOW!

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